Asur – welcome to your dark side: Review  

Asur – welcome to your dark side: Review

Fantastic, beyond imagination. Perfect blending of the Indian mythological stories to the series of killings in present time.

Einstein was a genius, so was Hitler and Bin Laden. Ram was brave and so was Ravan. One builds while other destroys. The web series “Asur – welcome to your dark side” is perfectly exemplifying this notion. A story which revolves rather around the darker side of the Human being than the brighter side.

A forensic scientist Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti) got three leads, three different murder locations from an unknown phone number. He is in New York presently working as a forensic teacher in FBI.fed up with being a teacher and perplexed with three murders, he decided to come to India and solve the mystery of murders. Here, he meets his all old friends and colleagues, Nusrat Saeed (Riddhi Dogra), lolark Dubey (Sharib Hashmi ), and his mentor Dhananjay Rajput(Arshad Warsi ). Together they tried to solve the case of series of killings in the city.

Well, story looks simple but it’s not. Story runs on two plots, first in the present time. Second in a flashback some 15 years ago. The flash back story is about a child whose father was a priest in kashi. He was a firm believer of astrology and wanted that his wife gives a birth to a child on a very specific time. Unfortunately, the wife met with an accident and the child was born with the kundali of Kali – the asur. The child is gifted, has IQ of 130, a genius. But his father believed he is evil. He relentlessly reprimands and calls him ‘Asur’. By his father’s constant rebuking he developed an antipathy towards society. Now, It is interesting to see who this child is, what would he become and how would he respond to the society? Would he be Ram or Ravan, Einstein or Hitler?

Every episode starts with this flashback story and ends up by revealing a new suspense. The story takes its height when Arshad Warsi  becomes the prime suspects of these serial killings. One of the body of the three victims found to be his wife and all the circumstantial evidence suggest that all these killings is a master plan of Arshad Warsi to manipulate the facts. Warsi was put behind the bars and Nikhil took the charge. Rest you would see in this exciting web series.

Series is far more advanced than most of the stereotype bollywood and television or murder mystery. Hard work and research of a writer and director can be seen in executing each scene. For example, Heart failure is termed as a cardiac arrest which shows the meticulous research of a team. Plenty of other real technical, medical and forensic terms have been used without overstressing them which we commonly see in Cid, Adalat or any other crime investigation series.

As far as the star cast is concerned the story and plot is a main star of the series.  Arshad Warsi is positively aberrated from his comic role and has serious business as a forensic scientist just like we have seen him in ‘Seher’ and ‘Irada. He has delivered fantastic acting. Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair is smart, Genius, well read character. Anupriya as Naina Nair, a computer software engineer and wife of Nikhil. Nusrat Saeed skinny physically but strong mentally. Shabir hashmi as lolark Dubey fun loving intelligentsia who know when to give a perfect comic punch. And the mysterious killer.

The way the series has linked the Hindu mythology and serial killing should really be appreciated. Probably the first bollywood series which could successfully do so. Recitation of the Sanskrit shloks by the villain is really impressive. At one time the character of a villain reaches to the height of the joker of the batman. Story never bores you. As soon as you try to surmise the plot it reveals the new twist.

All in all, a serious thrilling journey which captivates you from the beginning to the end.

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  1. I love web series…..and This is so much interesting story n m excited to know about that child.. How would he respond to the society????……. According to my parents.. They always says that the child become the same what their parents teach them…. And hear is the same situation…. So m so much excited to watch this series…

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