Breathe into the shadows: Review: How far you go to protect the people you love.

Mayank Sharma awes the audience once again with the new killing pattern utterly different from breathe (2018) thrillingly blending a mental illness called multiple personality disorder and mythological erudition of Ravan.

The trend has successfully been set by the fantastic web series ‘Asur’ Connecting series of killing to mythological characters. Asur has taken the example of Kali and Kalki whereas Breathe: into the shadows exemplifying ingenious, extra superhuman, or supervillain Ravan.

It is believed that Ravan had ten heads. Figuratively speaking he was capable of or possessed outstanding mental intellectuality. According to another legend, Ravan possessed ten negative emotions namely,

Anger (krodhh),






Hatred( grihna)


Greed (lobh)

Insensitivity (jadata).

Conversely, we can say Ravan has mastered all these emotions.

This mythological story is one end of the series which is dramatically mixed with another end of mental disorder. Dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder is a condition where a person has a minimum of two person’s characters, to put it into simply he has one body with two souls. Bollywood has numerous movies on the basis of this condition like ‘Deewane’ in which Ajay Devgan has this mental disorder and the famous south sensation ’Apariciht’ who has three personalities.

The story starts with the kidnapping of 8 years old girl Siya Sabarval(Ivana Kaur). She is the daughter of Dr.Avinash and Abha Sabarval. The police were reported and the search started immediately. Abha herself attempted in vain by social media and other platforms but nothing happened.

Several months passed since the kidnapping. They did not get any call for ransom, police did not find any trace. Finally, Both of them lost their hope to get back siya. Their hope regained when one day, they got a box containing a video of Siya.watchig their daughter alive they were happily surprised.

However, their happiness did not last for long when they heard the demand of the kidnapper. He demanded killings, not the money. Killings of people totally unknown to them who have never hurt them. The killer wanted them to kill the first one with the reason of Bhay (anger) and the Second one with Lust (vasna). Gradually the theory unveiled that the killer follows a pattern of ten emotions of Ravan and according to that perception, Avisnash has to kill ten people probably.

Now, who is the kidnapper?
Why is he forcing the Sabarvals to kill people?
Would he set Siya free after all the killings?
Who has multiple personality disorder in the movie?

All these questions are intriguing.

The case is in the hand of a brilliant but slightly eccentric cop, Kabir Savant (Amit Sad) who has just been posted to Delhi. Supported by two assistants Sub-inspector Prakash Kamble (Hrishikesh Joshi) and Jayprakash from Delhi police. Abhishek Bachchan seems brilliant as Dr. Sabarval and you would definitely fall in love with Nithya Menon’s cuteness. Bunch of other marvelous characters supports the series throughout the show. The direction and storytelling of Mayank Sharma is superb.

The level of Indian web series has been increasing day by day.
Asur: welcome to your dark side, the family man, Patal Lok, Special Operation, Breath. All are wonderfully told and brilliantly executed.

Breath into the shadows has been added to this new age Indian web series.

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