Gulabo Sitabo review : Shoojit Sircar is as simple as genius to make a masterpiece movie like Gulabo Sitabo.

Gulabo Sitabo review

Shoojit Sircar is as simple as genius to make a masterpiece movie like Gulabo Sitabo.

Do you believe people Can laugh and make you laugh as well despite living in utter penury, watch this Lively, vivacious offbeat comedy if you don’t.

The beauty of a movie in which Ayushman Khurana acts is it doesn’t rely on personality cult,  vulgar jokes and dialogues or unwanted item songs to perform good on box office. Instead a simple yet compelling story, power-packed acting by a team of talented actors and a concealed message if as an audience we could get.

The duo of Shoojit Sircar and Ayushman Khurana,who has given a complete out of the box yet successful movie like Vickey Donor, again came up with the masterpiece though not for larger audience.

Depicting great Amitabh Bachchan as Mirza,a senile greedy land lord of a tattered ramshackle building named Fatima Mahal antagonizes with Born talented Ayushman Khurana as Baankey Rastogi who runs wheat flour mill Shop ( a positive aberration from the stereotype Bollywood movie that a hero runs a chakki. )

Indian penal code has given the safety rights  both to the land lords and tenants. In  Some cases landlords and in others the tenants try to take the benefit from them or atleast they claim to do so.

The movie revolves around this complexity of law which incite frequent tussle between Mirza and Bankey who pays meager rent far less than other tenants, still roams in Fatima Mahal like a lion in a jungle. On the other hand, Mirza has his own ways to harass the family of Bankey.

It is the human tendency to seek support from more powerful person if he can’t beat his enemy directly, forgetting that the powerful person may have his own vested interest.

India was in a dire situation under the rule of britishers. In that era some people adovocated taking support from Germany utterly unaware about how ruthless and capricious Hitler was.
God knows what would have been the fate of India if somehow Hitler had had any grip on India.

Both Mirza and Bankey tried to beat each other
by taking help from other people defines above analogy. Bankey kept in touch with an archeological officer Gyanesh Shukla ( Vijay Raj )who claimed to prove ‘Fatima Mahal’ a heritage with the promise of government house to Bankey. On the other hand, Mirza hired a lawyer, named Christofer Clarke ( Bijender Kala) who by any means attempted to make Mirza a sole owner of the house.

Ironically,both are unware about the devil plans of the government officer and the lawyer. Now, It is intriguing to see whether Bankey gets his house or Mirza is able to be the owner of the house.

There are so many players in the game. But the master player is the Fatima Bagem herself who used a trump card and make everyone flabbergasted.

Rest you can see in the movie. But From my part I can assure of the unadulterated and simple entertainment.

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