Hostages season 2 review: Heart chilling twists together with loads of scintillating protagonists to hold you hostages.

Hostages season 2 review:  After the witty presentation and intriguing end of Hostages season 1, SP Prithvi Singh, the just retired and brilliant strategist faces up with completely new hostages and total unanticipated situation in season 2.

Those who have seen season 1 must have known that Khushvant Lal Handa, the CM of Haryana played by Dalip Tahil was to be murdered by Dr. Mira Nayar. She was compelled to do this by holding her family hostages. The plan was executed by Prithivi. The people who have hired Prithvi wanted Handa to be dead. However, Prithvi was working on an entirely different plan. He did not kill Handa and kept him alive at the residence of his trusted ally Sarah.

The first episode of season 2 starts with the shifting of Handa to another destination where he would be a donor for (not voluntarily off course) an operation. This convoy was being chased by the security officer of Handa.  due to some mismanagement, Handa escaped.  For some time, there has been a play of cat chasing mouse, after that a  hotchpotch, and the gunfire at each other which was heard by the local police. Local police came immediately with back up anticipating terrorists they besieged the house.

Now Pirthvi’s team along with Handa, a security officer, and a dead body are trapped in a house and besieged by the police who have an inkling that some hostages are kept there too.

The hostages season two is a way ahead In terms of sensationalism. Fantastically executed and brilliantly directed. I would definitely not like to spill any beans inadvertently.  So, instead of revealing anything about the story. We would superficially explore prime characters which have been beautifully amalgamated.

SP Prithvi Singh: The prime antagonist, a just-retired police officer who understood strategies, protocols, and negotiation of the police well. Now trapped in a raged house and besieged by the entire police force.  As he has been a police officer himself he knew the routine specifications.

Played by Ronit Roy

Ayesha: Compassionate and witty negotiator from the police department who likes to smoke and think to counter any chaos and bloodshed which could have happened due to the hard-headed minds of terrorists and police officers.

Played by Divya Dutta

Khushvant lal Handa: Once the Cm of Haryana and defense minister of India. Now only the pawn in the hands of different people. Some want him dead, others want him alive. In one or two occasions he tried to become a trickster but got failed badly.

Ranveer: The sophisticated killer and the boss of the boss of the person who hired Prithvi to kill Handa. The character is played by Dino Moria. The talent he got has perhaps been wasted in all these years. He is alluringly vicious as a bad guy.

Isha Andrews: The beautiful, seductive associate of Ranveer. The character is played by Shibani Dandekar who is new as compared to other characters yet delivered mature acting.

Shikha Pandey: An employee of a private investigation company. She has got a detective and a quirky mind who is ready to take risks to dig for clues and evidence. The character looks trivial in the first few episodes but then it picked up height and culminates into a significant role.

Played by Shweta Basu.

The story flows smoothly with plots and subplots. The two most experienced actors viz Ronit Roy and Divya Dutta when come face to face sparks to fly. The entertainer like hostages may easily be skipped while there is no language barrier and a mammoth collection to choose from. However, if you are lucky enough to have been told about the series. I bet you would finish it in one sitting.

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