Its marvel, its black widow : Black Widow Trailer review

Black Widow Trailer review

I thought no movie would excite me after “Avengers end game.” Well, time for disappointment. Final trailer of Black widow, played by stunning Scarlet Johnson has blown up my mind. You better be careful, same could happen to you

It’s amazing to see the character you love in solo movies and then into the team. But it’s more than amazing first seeing the character in a team and then in a solo movie. This has happened for ‘Black Panther’ when he came from nowhere in captain America – civil war and stole the show. Equally exciting and satisfying for the marvel fans is the tremendous entry of the charming avenger in a standalone movie.

The marvel comics has released the final trailer of ‘Black Widow’ revealing some more exciting characters. After captain America civil war in 2016, plenty of superheroes have been added to mcu like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, the guardian of the galaxy and bunch of other who made the team to defeat thanos in avengers infinity war and endgame.

We saw black widow in avengers infinity war saving scarlet witch and vision. Then fought against army of Thanos in wakanda. Again we saw her making a plan to rescue every single person who scrambled into dust by thanos. Then she sacrificed herself to get an infinity stone. The story of this black widow film happened before avengers infinity war.

But what happened before that?

What I could surmise from the trailer is when team avengers broke and separated in civil war Natasha Romanoff found herself alone and went back to where she really belonged to. She was happy to see her family again in Russia unaware about the potential danger and confronted the dangerous conspiracy.

She is now against the task force which can be stopped by nothing. The force is led by a ruthless masked man; a task master who now occupies the red room where black widow has been trained. So, in one sense it is a prequel. However, in other sense, it is a sequel to captain America –civil war.

The trademark heart breaking action scenes together with a new fantabulous team is more than enough to excite the fans. We would see three black widow in a team and a red guardian or Alexei Shostakov (David Harbour ) A Russian counterpart of captain America and a father figure to Natasha. Other two Black widows are Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) who has also been trained in the red room and a sister to Natasha and Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), mother figure to Natasha.

Would they be able to defeat formidable taskmaster, who is stronger than all of them and has the ability to mimic anybody’s fighting skill ?

Let’s see on 1st may 2020.

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  1. M so much excited to see this black widow… After watching it’s trailor and ur article…. M desperate for this movie…

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