My movie of the week : Mardani 2 review : Power of fearless,honest police officer

First of all, I regret not to have seen this movie at the time it was released. After all, how many meaningful movies do Bollywood produce in a year? One or two? Otherwise, the most of the movies have vulgar songs and dialogues or absurd and unreal action scenes.

Not fitting in Bollywood’s stereotype category, Gopi Putharan has tried to show the mirror to the society, raising a sensitive social issue which impacts everyone, however, make the movie which does not compromise the cinematic experience of the viewers. We had already seen in Mardani 1 where the plot of the movie was child trafficking. In the sequel again Shivani Shivaji Roy is fighting against a juvenile rapes and murders.

At her best Rani Mukharji leads the movie as a fearless, calm Ips officer Shivani Shivaji Roy. If you are a father and have a teenage daughter. You should take her to see the character of ‘Shivani Shivaji Roy so that your daughter could see the power, personality, endurance and character of an honest police officer in general and a woman in particular.

In a stark context with her is the villain, Vishal Jethva, Shiv(Sunny) Prasad Yadav. He is a psychopath, an evil antipathic who has a troubled past and despise the girls and women who are modern and free. Bunch of other characters not much popular. But the way they delivered acting in supporting Rani Mukharji is really impressive.

Story starts at dashera where this villain abducts a girl and brutally raped and killed her. The body of a girl was found in an isolated ramshackle building. Medical revelations of a body turned out to be horrifying which clearly shows the abhorrence of a boy towards the girls and women. Shivani got shocked by the brutality and vowed to capture the culprit anyhow.

I do not want to reveal the full story here because that would destroy the thrill to know the suspense while watching. But sure I would like to share some points which I like in the movie with some weak parts too.

The movie has tried not only to raise the questions which have been inflicting upon women from centuries but also tried to change the orthodox mentality of our society.

Plenty of incidents reveal the male chauvinism. First, for example, is the DSP Brij Shekhavat who is uncomfortable in taking the orders from the superior just because she is a woman.

Second, in one scene Shivani insults the villain boy by doing a press conference. She shows a scene where this boy tried to tease one girl in a bus and when the passengers caught him and attempted to teach him a lesson, he ran away. To take revenge, the boy kidnapped the granddaughter of MLA which became the hot issue in the city. In this regard, a reporter asked the question to shivani holding her responsible for that act. He went even further by saying that the situations would have been different if there had been a male officer.

The stern and categorical replies of shivani against all these nonsense questions are quite impressive specifically to the reporter where she gives a full emotional speech.

In the performance the villain have tried his best to look disgustingly horrible. But, if we compare him to the villain of the first part he proves to be weak. In the whole movie he does not look like any challenge to our IPS.

Some technical errors can also be seen in one or two scenes where we could think how could a boy of 19 years of age could frequently be successful in outwitting   the police with all the latest technology and brilliant minds or how could he kidnap a public figure in her own rally surrounded by so many people.

All in all, Mardani 2 is among the best movies of 2019 when we talk about social cause. A must see one.

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