Origin : My review of Dan brown’s latest book.

Where do we come from?  Where are we going?

Two fundamental questions answers of which the human race has been searching for centuries, from where the life has started and what is the fate of mankind. In his latest book, Dan brown, a celebrated author of the most esoteric book; The da vinci code, has attempted to answer these questions in his own ingenious style. A new book –origin is a famous Robert Langdon series depicting constant tussle between science and religion.

Readers who are familiar with the series must know how Robert Langdon uncovers the mystery in all the books. Here, I have tried to unveil the secret of the book without revealing any suspense.

Let’s get aboard, the story starts at the colossal citadel located at Abbey of Montserrat,Barcelona,Spain where a famous atheist and futurist Edmond kirsch had come to meet the prominent leaders of the parliament of religions.Three major religions leaders have agreed to listen what Mr.Kirsch has invented.The leaders include Bishop Antonio valdospino; an authority figure of Christianity. Rabbi Yehuda Koves ; a spiritual leader of Jewish  and Allamah Syed al-fadl,the most respected person and religious leader of  Islam. The discovery, as believed by Edmond, might shackle the religions or perhaps destroy the fate of all religions.Edmond revealed the presentation to the parliament of world religions hoping they too have some opinion on it. However, all the three religious leaders were displeased and horrified after the presentation.They urged Mr kirsch not to reveal this to the world. They also tried to threaten him of his life if he goes publicly with the presentation.

However, Edmond kirsch is stubborn in his decision and quite despises all the religions. He thinks religions have always misled the people. Religion does not have the ability to solve the problem of human.It is the science which can make a difference. Thus, with firm dedication he launched his presentation.

He selects the Guggenheim museum at Bilbao, Spain for his presentation. A heavy crowd at the museum and some three millions online were watching his presentation when sudden chaos happened. Someone from the crowd came and shot two bullets in Edmond’s head.In an instant the great futurist fell on the floor and died.

Edmond kirsch’s horrible death left all the people shocked. It has also made the invention unrevealed.People now have two questions. First, who killed Edmond kirsch? Second, Will we ever know what have Edmond kirsch invented?

This is where professor Langdon comes into the picture.Professor Robert Langdon has specifically been invited on this event by none other than Edmond kirsch who fortunately happened to be Edmond Kirsch’s mentor and friend. Robert felt sad and shocked the way his friend and student was brutally killed. He decided to unveil the killer and the presentation anyhow. Luckily, He found two allies at the museum. Ms. Ambra Vidal, a stunningly beautiful model who is also the fiancee of the prince of the Spain. And an outstandingly ingenious super computer Winston, an invention of Edmond kirsch.

By Ambra Vidal Robert came to know that the killer got the entry to the museum by the request of royal palace which makes prince of the Spain the prime suspect of the murder. He also came to know that Edmond has got the 47 character password for the presentation.Edmond ‘s invention may be launched if somehow that password can be found. Circumstances evidences also suggest the involvement of Bishop Antonio Valdospino. In the meantime, other two leaders, who attended the presentation of kirsch, got killed too. This has made all of Spain in utter bewilderment.

Everyone has been looking for the answers of the discovery of murder of kirsch?

Has kirsch invented something which could destroy the fate of religion?

Who murdered Edmond kirsch ?

Who murder two religious leaders?

Now everything lies on the acumen of Robert Langdon to solve the code.

Dan brown is taking us to the adventurous journey of solving the esoteric codes with smart knack.The book is a new way too look at technology,science and philosophy of religion.I am recommending the book to everyone who wants exciting fresh story with abundant knowledge of history, philosophy, technology and religion.

By the way,you too would get utter shock once you reveal the suspense.

Lastly, my favorite phrase from the book,.

“Science and religion are not competitors. They are two different languages telling the same story.”

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