Preface : Remarkable women of India.

Preface : remarkable women of India

Preface : Remarkable women of India.

The idea first appeared in my mind to write about great and remarkable women of India in my college days. Those days used to be passed generally by watching movies. One evening I was watching a movie named ‘enchanted’. There was an emotional scene between a father and a daughter which really enthralled me.

The scene was something like this:

A widower father wanted to give his teenage daughter a gift on her 11th birthday. So he asked his friend about the best gift for her. She advised plenty of fancy gifts. But none of them impressed the father. He wanted to give his daughter something which could kindle her for her entire life. Finally he came up with the best gift for her.

Next day, when two of them were sitting in a car, he uncovered the gift and put it on the lap of a girl. The girl did not seem to like the gift. She made a weird face and said in somewhat disliked tone. ‘A book!!!’  Universal reaction of all children when parents gave their children a book as a birthday gift. Apparently she did not like it. But then came the best part.

The name of the book is “The remarkable women of the world.” The book as a gift may seem ordinary for most people. But the father took it as an extraordinary tool for his teenage daughter to choose the idol from that very age and learn about the struggle, compassion, care, greatness and all the high virtue of humanity in that book. He flipped the pages and showed the chapter of Marie curie, a scientist and two times Nobel Prize winner. He briefed her life how Madam Curie devoted her entire life for researching on uranium and thorium and how she was caught up by cancer because of high exposure to the Gama radiation. What a service and devotion to the humanity?

I ponder over that scene over and over in my mind that what impact would that book create when the 11th year old girl would read that book? I thought about the unfathomable positive possibilities when the girl understands the works and struggle of those women.

I am always wondering about the positive outcome when that girl learns about Helen Keller, who was born deaf and dumb. Despite this disability she could manage to graduate with first class at the age of 24, became the prolific writer and the most outspoken person in America.

Wouldn’t she be excited to explore science after reading about Mary curie who has devoted all his life to research science?

Don’t you think she would dream big if she hears about Sunita Williams, an American astronauts.

Wouldn’t she learn about how to pull up the life after you have been totally broken and achieve all your goals with conviction and dream by learning the biography of J. K. Rowling who is the all time favorite author of children and adult alike?

Would she ever complain about the adversity she will face once she knew about Oprah Winfrey, a black American who gained the position of the most celebrated anchor from utter poverty?

There are far more possibilities beyond the imagination whom she would choose as a role model. A scientist, a born warrior, an author or a business magnet.

This idea implanted in my mind that a book of the biography of the great and remarkable people could create innumerable possibilities on the mind of children especially the girls. I am fascinated by that idea to write about the remarkable women.

I started searching for the benchmark examples in Indian soil and mesmerized by the findings. In India we have tremendous feminine power from arts and culture to science, from inventing in medicine to being a statesman, from a born warrior to a social service and in every facet of life.

Findings were really fascinating. While searching, I came to know about Savitribai Phule, the first Indian women teacher who fought for women rights for her entire life. It may not be an exaggeration to say that every girl in India is taking education because of her. I learnt about the bravery of Rani laxmibai, Madam Cama and Jija Bai(Mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.) I found serenity, chastity and devotion in Sita, height of self respect in Draupadi , unbiased attitude of Gandhari and selfless love of Meera.

Then I found some exceptional women  in  modern India.  women like P.T.usha and Mary Kom who as an athlete and sportsperson earned name for India. I learnt about  Arunima sinha,who at a very young have been thrown out of the train by some goons and lost her leg, lifted her up after that and became the first female amputee who climbed Mount Everest. I also learnt about the epitome of the endurance Irom Sharmila who has done hunger strike for almost 16 years for the cause of her state. I was totally spellbound by knowing all these venerable women of India While reading about them.

I doubt I have got the competence and capabilities to write about all these astounding women .still, I have tried my best to write with all the competence I have. Now it depends on the readers to judge.


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