Terminator dark fate : movie review

Will the human race be destroyed by machines in future ?

Well, veteran writer – director James Cameron has been saying this by his film franchise terminator since 80s. After two classic science fiction movies, terminator 1 and terminator -the judgement day, this is the third installment by James Cameron,a direct sequel of terminator -the judgment day which may not hold the charm of first two.Yet, polished acting, mind boggling action scenes, advanced technology and vfx will surely draw much audience to the theater.

The success of any movie is quite sure when James Cameron is involved in it.The only director whose two movies- Avatar and titanic, still hold the first and second position in terms of box office collection respectively. The stature of this genius director can be fathomed on the ground that even marvel has to re-release it’s mammoth hit avengers -endgame a second time to beat avatar.his name is enough to draw audience.However,James has not directed the film.the film has been directed by Tim Miller,who has outstandingly debuted  as a director in  marvel’ Dead pool. Starring forever young Arnold and Linda Hamilton as a terminator and Sarah Conner respectively. Meckenzy Davis as a super soldier, Colombian actress Natalia Reyes as Danny and Gabriel Luna – terminator rev 9,  more advanced and powerful antagonist than this whole team combined.

The question,however, bigger than the box office review is whether there would be the robots or robots group like sky net or legion who could destroy the humans in the future.Cited in the very first movie,sky net is the global digital defense network of  america simply a machine which got malfunctioned and saw humans as a threat immediately set out a plan to destroy it. it makes robots.these robots are terminators.The basic theme of the terminator movie is the battle between the humans and the terminators.The same concept can be seen in the ‘Avengers – age of ultron where the iron legions got malfunctioned in the process to convert them into ultron. There are abundant Hollywood and Bollywood movies which follow the same concept where robots becomes the Frankenstein.

Artificial intelligence has made quantum leap since the first mammoth computer was invented.It  has already myriad people out of work. driver less cars and auto pilot technology have already outdated.

What next ?

Is there a possibility of a computer which can think ?

or in a better way,

is there a possibility of self destruction of mankind ?

May be,yes. movie or novel concept which seem absurd may prove right in future.The striking examples of this is the novels of Jules Verne.Whatever he has written in his novel has become reality now. hence, the possibility of thinking machines can not be denied.We have already been enslaved by the smart phones which do not have a brain.Just think about the possibilities of them having brains.

It may occur sooner or later.Perhaps 2020 in or 2050.Certainly in 2150.Is there any guarantee that these childish and fictional stories won’t become real in future.It is common for humans to invent something and become slave of it.

This sort of fictional and absurd technological perception has been shown in dark fate. Trademark scenes of terminator has their own effect in terminator movies.The legion is the future robots who sent a super robot to kill a girl named dany. at the same time, super soldier also comes from the future to save this girl. The action scenes between these two are heart breaking.However, the film lingers after interval.

Audience would enjoy more if the ending action scenes would have been made in day light.The movie doesn’t posses the classic touch of titanic or adventure of avatar even after being a film of James Cameron.In addition,comedy punch are lacking too which we normally see in marvel or fast and furious movies.Still,It catches the attention of the audience.

All in all,we can enjoy the movie without worrying about any future robots threat.


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