The real India lives in villages : Panchayat web series review

The real India lives in villages: Panchayat web series review.

Panchyat is a worth seen series because It makes us laugh by creating clean innocent humor using Trivial politics and the light tussle between partly innocent and partly sly people of a village and without indulging in adult jokes and vulgar dialogues which are commonplace in Bollywood movies.

Do you remember the last occasion when the culture of any village was shown in a movie or a series? A real, unadulterated rustic culture like an open wound, not the pseudo village culture dipped in sugary goodness. I do not remember except in ‘Dangal’.

In the world of pompous manifestation, everyone is in hurry to upload anything on social media. The village culture selfies are uploaded when people visit their own village which clearly implies how we became so distinct from our own culture. For many children, going to villages is much like the feeling of seeing an ancient monument or dinosaur culture.

The real India lives in villages because of which our country has its beauty. Life in villages is the very core of our culture and heritage which we might have forgotten in the sparkling life of cities. When it happens, It is the responsibility of the eminent intelligentsia of the country to make efforts that people regain pride in being what they really are.

In the days of our dependence on Britishers, many eminent leaders have proven it. Lokamnya Tilak started a celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra to unite people on spirituality.  Mahatma Gandhi urged all popular and prominent personalities of that time to go and live in villages.

In the present time, it is the responsibility of celebrities and the people who influence youth the most.  Authors can do a lot by depicting a village culture in their novels or short stories. Most importantly, the moviemakers who have a great impact on people. But, perhaps, Bollywood is quite busy making ridiculous stereotype love stories and copying stories from Hollywood and south Indian movies. So, the task has been taken by TVF – a youtube channel, which has just not explored the village culture but came up triumphantly.

Panchayat is a beautifully crafted web series by TVF and released on Amazon Prime, basically a story of a simple guy, Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar ), of today’s generation with a simple dream of cracking a CAT exam and get a high packaged job. Accidently, he is selected for the post of ‘Gram Sachiv’ for ‘Fulera’. A village in the remote area of Uttar Pradesh which may not have a presence on Google map even.

He was vacillating for some time whether to go for a job or not. Ultimately desperation dominated confusion and he started a journey to ‘Fulera’. Here, he meets Brij Bhushan Dubey (Raghuvir Yadav)  ‘Gram Pradhan’, no sorry, ‘Gram Pradhan Pati’, Prahald Pandey(Faisal malik ), official deputy Gram pradhan, Vikas (Chandan Roy) Gram Sahayak and Manju Devi (Neena Gupta), official Gram Pradhan. Trivial politics and a light tussle between them create clean innocent humor which seems impossible in today’s world where adult jokes and vulgar dialogues are commonplace.

Every episode starts with a seemingly unimportant issue culminating into a significant motivating message. The attempt to cover various social issues like superstition, the orthodox mindset of the people, dowry, and futile politics, and the simple solution of them is quite impressive.

However, the central theme of the series is the system which got used to in villages where a woman became ‘Sarpanch’ on reserved seats but does not actually take part in. Their husband does all the works on behalf of her. The series tries to show the irony of how difficult to be accepted anything socially in India even if it is a law enacted by the government.

All in all, Panchyat is a worth seen series because It makes you laugh without indulging in adult jokes apart from covering the positive and the dark side of villages alike.

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