Trailer review : Veer suryavanshi

Trailer review : Veers suryavanshi

The trailer of veer suryavanshi,the much awaited movie of director Rohit Shetty,  has created much sensation and will definitely blast the box office with as usual sensitive theme of patriotism which most people can co – relate. If three prominent actors of bollywood and a charming Katrina Kaif are there, why should people be worried about the Ordinary script, and absurd action scenes?

The movie is the fourth installment of singham series and direct sequel to Simba which was released in 2018 and quite successful.

As far as we can see from the trailer, the movie is on terrorist attack much like ‘Baby’ or ‘Holiday’. It can be deduced From the trailer that the movie must be having weird, stereotype action scenes which definitely impress larger crowd. But the audience with slight advance mind  which is  much aware about ‘avengers’ or fast and furious’s far real looking action scenes must be disappointed. Story can be good. It would be awesome if it contains comedy punch and emotions of simba.

Dialogues also lack vigor and vitality. Like when Akshay Kumar tells the villain that,

“Tujhe dhundh liya tere baaki saathio ko bhi dhundh lenge.(Your allies will be caught the way We caught you )

Or in the last part of trailer where again Akshay tells Javed Jafary that

“Is baar aayenge na, to dekh lenge saalo ko ”(We would tackle them this time.) Seems quite  monotonous. Dialogues would have been more robust if had been given proper care. But, this doesn’t make much difference as long as  people cheers on flying cars and flying saris in bollywood movies.

In last scene where all three together hold the guns and fire at the goons without any protection and wander freely seems quite unimpressive.

Finally, the height of absurdity, In the last part, someone fires the missile at Ajay Devgan and he just jerks his right elbow and missile passes him without hurting him a bit seems ridiculous.

All in all, if it contains the comedy punches of singham and emotions of simba then there would be fine chance of it to become a blockbuster.

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