We invited Ganesh ji to our home, revered him but did we learn something?

There is an incident in Purana. Mata Parvati wanted to give divine fruit to her children. But, she put up a condition of circling around the earth three times. The one who would win gets the fruit. So the race started

Kartikeya, the big brother of Ganpati, is a swift runner and possessed a peacock as a vehicle contrary to Ganeshji who was no match for Kartikeya as far as quickness is concerned. Within seconds Kartikeya flew off in his vehicle to go round the earth. But, Ganesh Ji who could not run due to his heavyweight stopped, thought for some time, brought his mother and father (Shiva and Parvati) asked them to sit and started walking around them. As he finished, he told them he has finished circumnavigation of the earth as the parents are the world.

Such was the remark ability of Shri Ganeshji’s intelligence. In the present era where beauty is placed before the wisdom and people are judged by how they look, and what they wear, Ganesha is the perfect example of being fat, not so attractive as far as physical appearance is concerned but highly intellectual filled with enormous wisdom and knowledge.

It is really a matter of consideration why we are so much obsessed with fairness and looks nowadays despite the fact that our most famous gods viz, Krishna, Shankar, Baja rang Bali or Ganesha are not physically attractive. They have been revered not because of the physical beauty but for their wisdom and character.

It is not unknown why one name of Bhagavan Shankar is ‘Nilkanth’. At the time of ‘Samudra Manthan’ – ‘churning of the ocean’ when Vish – the poison came out from the ocean, it was Shankar who swallowed it to save the world from the drastic effect of it. Hanuman is worshipped for his service to Bhagwan Shree Ram. And who would forget the romantic, lovable Shree Krishna who despite being omnipotent left no stone unturned to avoid the Mahabharata war as he believes there is no alternative for peace.

And we have frisky childlike Ganeshji who may not seem at all attractive to foreigners but we venerate him for his intelligence and erudition. The writer of Mahabharata and the leader of the Sena (Gans) of Shiva. Ganeshji has a message for everyone.

Large ear:  to listen more.

Everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to listen. It is believed that listeners, not the speakers get to the greatest success. Listening is the prime source to understand the people around you. Listening to people make them relaxed and comfortable with you. It is the virtue which is the possession of the few.

With his large ear Ganeshji wants you to hear people, understand and love them.

Elephant head:

Elephant is the only animal in the jungle which is more powerful than lion. Yet it never harasses any one without reason. It is a symbol of humbleness.

The big elephant head reminds you of humbleness. The more powerful you would become the more humble you should be.

Large head: to crave for infinite knowledge.

Large head of Ganeshji is a symbol of getting knowledge. We hear frequently that knowledge is power. Yet we do not work hard to obtain it.  By his large head Ganeshji wants to tell us of getting infinitive knowledge.

Rat as a vehicle: To control the ego.

There is a story that before being the vehicle of Ganeshji the rat was a menacing devil that was so proud of his power. Ganeshji defeated him and made him his vehicle.

It symbolizes with person’s ego. We have to keep the ego under our feet.

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2 thoughts on “We invited Ganesh ji to our home, revered him but did we learn something?

  1. I like your concept… Yes you are right… In this era , most of people are inspired from others buety… But according to my opinion the people must know the inner beauty than outer beauty of other… U know we says that don’t judge book by its cover… So this a vulnerability of this society that they judge people by attractive face… Bt not their quality … Nevertheless when the person who is not attractive face and achieve something great… At that time people changed by showing their success….. So i must say just fuck off the society and their opinion and focus what you want….

    1. Thanks for commenting, your appreciation encourages me to create good content. And yes in a society where people are generally attracted with beautiful faces, the example of not being attractive but loved and venerated by people.lord Ganeshha has so much to teach us.

      Always Stay blessed

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